Nearly 85% of consumers say that colour plays a role in their purchasing decision.  

Colors evoke emotions, in addition to conveying a certain message. They help customers make a first impression. If your colors send the right message, then you will make visitors want to know more about your products.  

How to choose the right colors for your e-commerce store and drive clients towards conversion? Discover our 5 tips!  

Consider Products And Industry  

Choosing colors for your e-commerce business requires looking at the star colors of your industry. Not to mention considering your audience, too.  

Let’s take a simple example: cosmetic brands generally use light colors for their websites, since they are aimed at women. There are so-called “feminine” shades such as pink, purple or light blue.  

On the other hand, high-end brands use colors of authority and sophistication. They often choose black, gold or silver, because these shades are synonymous with luxury and quality.  

Analyzing Competition  

You don’t know what codes are in place in your industry? Visit the e-commerce sites of your competitors, as well as brands similar to yours. You can analyze the different colors and graphic elements they use.  

Ask Yourself These Questions:  

  • What are the 3 most used colors?  
  • What are the patterns that emerge from the whole?  

You Will Then Have Two Choices:  

Follow the habits of the market by adopting the colors and patterns preferred by your competitors.  

Set yourself apart completely by choosing another path. Your graphic logo design choice will be made according to the other criteria listed in this article!