Consider Your Demographic Target  

The choice of colors of your e-commerce will also depend on your target. If not, take the time to determine your personae buyers. In addition to socio-demographic information and shopping habits, try to find out their favorite brands and the colors they choose in their sticker printing.  

However, if your brand offers products that target both men and women, the use of stereotyped colors will automatically isolate half of your potential customers. You must therefore find the right balance by opting for neutral colors.  

Use The 60-30-10 Rule  

The user experience occupies a place of choice in the graphic charter of your e-commerce. It is important to know that colors play a role in the readability of the content, as well as in the purchase path. 

To prevent visitors from leaving your store too quickly, choose contrasting but balanced colors. For example, you can apply the 60-30-10 rule.  

60% = the dominant color that occupies most of your e-commerce site. It must reflect your brand image and immediately give consumers a specific feeling.  

30% = a secondary color that will bring out some important elements while supporting your image and the emotions generated by the main hue.  

10% = the color applied to call-to-action or to the most essential data (such as price, for example). It serves to attract the eyes of the Internet user and to guide him or her in the tunnel of conversion.  

Such a proportion is considered pleasurable to the human eye, as it allows for the gradual perception of all the visual elements. This method also helps to bathe the visitor in an atmosphere, a universe, related to your activity.  

Going Beyond Colour Psychology  

You may have already noticed that several factors influence the choice of colors.  

Colour psychology has been the subject of many rigorous academic studies. However, lessons do not always apply to sales and marketing. After all, a strong brand identity must better guide your choices.