There are different types of name cards you could try. The purpose of doing this is to establish a name card design that will stand out. An emboss name card is a special design name card that stands out. The difference in texture and design makes a name card strike. The recipient will treasure your card as well treat you with the respect you deserve. Always remember you will be treated based on the quality of your card.

Another alternative to embossing a card is debossing it. They have similarities and differences at the same time. From a distance, you may confuse the two. Indentation is applied when making debossed card. On the other hand, embossed cards have raised impressions and a rough texture. Due to the indentation on debossed cards, they feel smoother compared to embossed cards. Both options work. It is all about which one you prefer. 

Reasons why you should have an Emboss name card    

Quickly noticed 

Emboss and deboss cards catch the attention of people fast. Most name cards circulating are regular ones with flat surfaces. Once you introduce the emboss idea, they stand out. I’m sure you want your card to stand out. That is the only way the service, product, or brand you’re selling penetrate the market. 

Higher retention 

The only way to tell your card is appreciated is if the receiver retains the card. The more your card is gotten rid of the more unimpressive it must be. Now, if everyone disposes your name cards, there’s no way you’re going to make sales. Besides, it may demote you and harm your self-esteem. That is why you should work hard to have those who receive your card to retain them. Embossing or debossing your card increases chances of card retention.


People fall in love with unique stuff fast. That is the reason you have to look for ways to make your business card unique. Well, you might be forced to spend extra amount on the production of these cards, but the benefits out do the financial set-backs. 

You also want a perfect emboss card. This may mean hiring a proper designer to do the creative work. Doing the design and all without experience in the field may not be as effective as hiring an expert in the field. Your name card has to stand out for you to get those call backs you want and turn contacts into business partners or clients.

Long lasting cards 

Embossed and debossed cards tend to last long. You ought to produce high quality name cards if you want to stay in business for long. Recipients of the cards expose the name cards to different conditions. The cards may even be rained or stepped on. How much tenacity does the card have to resist these challenges? It should be strong enough to do so. An embossed card will achieve that for you. 


Embossed name cards are the way to go as far as making  name cards is concerned. They make quality cards and long lasting ones. Besides, embossed cards are unique and get noticed easily. 

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