Today, the simili sticker is one of the recent and best trending stickers in the stickers industry. Simili sticker is made up of simili paper, which is also referred to as wood-free paper because the material is solid and versatile in ink absorption.

When it comes to stickers printing, one of the best sticker material types now widespread in the pulp industry is simili paper. 

Choosing a suitable material is essential when you are planning to design and print stickers. When it comes to making decisions on the types of stickers to use for a particular product or brand, many organizations find it difficult to distinguish the variations between the sticker materials. 

This article will assist and show you the excellent quality of simili stickers and why you should go for the best option needed for your brand and packaging process. 

Why Simili Stickers? 

Here are some of the advantages this striker has to offer.  


When you are looking for a cost-effective sticker printing, simili stickers are the best labels for you. This is why Simili sticker is now rampantly used by organizations that want the best stickers and at the same time minimize their cost.

For instance, many drugs and pharmaceutical companies use the simili stickers for packaging their products because it is safer and comfortable. 


Simili stickers are also a multi-purpose sticker that can be used for various designs. It is a rough matte white base sticker label with an uncoated surface that allows for easy customization of your brand or product, and it is the best option for adding a non-shiny effect on your brand. 


A simili sticker also has a waterproof and squeezable type. This type of simili sticker has a transparent and glossy texture that is best and widely used by many frozen foods companies, foods and beverages industries, toiletries, and cosmetic industries, respectively.

This widespread adoption results from its excellent strength and tenacity against moisture and water.