Here are some common materials mostly used to design transparent name cards. 

Semi-Transparent or Frosted Plastic 

This is made up of a fine smooth translucent, and easy to customize material with a tinted background that makes your text and graphics legible and permanent. It is highly resistant to water and not easy to tear. This will make your name card printing look very exquisite, expensive and create a classic position in the minds of your customers and prospective audience. 

Plain Transparent or Clear Plastic  

This is an entirely transparent waterproof plastic and see-through material that has a protective film to prevent scratches. It is easy to customize with pictures, text, and graphics. The material edge doesn't fold in the wallet. This will make your name card withstand more stress. 

Bottom Line 

Your switch over to the innovations of transparent name cards to promote your business, brand, or service will place you and your organization in a good esteem position and gives you an edge over your competitors. You will present your brand or service in the most appealing manner possible, and you will also be delighted to hand your transparent name card out to anybody that needs it anywhere.