With the employer branding funnel, you can develop and implement a practical branding strategy step by step. This begins with the analysis of the current status quo and helps to shape the way to the goal of a positive employer brand. 

We explain what you have to look out for in the individual phases of the employer branding funnel and how you can successfully go through them. 

#1 Strategy

It all starts with a thorough and honest analysis of the situation. This forms the basis for your strategy.  

Go into detail and critically question where exactly the company stands for. It must be significant positive differences to other employers.  

This is your employer value proposition - your value proposition and benefit proposition to current and potential employees. 

As yourself: 

  • What makes us unique 
  • What is our current employer image? 
  • Do we, for example, company's logo design appear attractive to employees? 
  • If yes, why? If not - why not? 
  • Why should our employees want to stay with us? 
  • Why should employees choose us? 
  • Who exactly is our target group on the job market? 
  • How can we score with this group? 
  • What are the similarities and differences to the competition? 
  • How can our advantages be communicated?