#2 How Market Perceive You 

You now know what you stand for (and want to stand for). Now corporate communications must be geared towards spreading your employer value proposition.  

This is the only way to create an image that asserts itself in perception. Use different communication channels to increase the range. 

Pay close attention to your target group: Where do you reach them particularly well? Possible channels for branding are: 

  • Social media (Instagram, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn) 
  • Homepage (career page) 
  • Corporate blog 
  • Job fairs, open days, events 
  • Newsletter, flyer, poster, roll up banner, professional business card 
  • Evaluation portals for employers 

#3 Commitment 

Now the actual (editing) work begins. So far, only the brand image and the appropriate channels exist.  

There is a lack of content and a content strategy, i.e., a plan of what content you publish, how, and when. In short: Creating an Instagram profile is the first step - but you only practice employer branding if you actively share relevant posts here that make your employer value proposition clear. 

These questions will bring you closer to the strategy: 

  • What content do we create for which channels? (Videos, interviews, insights ...) 
  • How do we make the message credible? 
  • When and how often should employer branding content be published? 
  • How can we attract and employ employees as brand ambassadors? 

#4 Recruiting 

It takes some patience and consistent implementation before effects can be measured. A video with positive messages about the Employer Value Proposition does not change the entire perception of an employer. However, recruiting will benefit from employer branding at all contact points. 

As the number of applications increases, you stand out positively from other employers and attract the top talents who make a significant contribution to success.

Always remember that your employer branding does not make false promises. This only leads to disappointment and reverses the effect in the exact opposite.