When it comes to employer branding measures, companies have countless options. These are only limited by their own creativity and budget. 

Popular Branding Measures 

The most popular measures include videos on social media, on YouTube, or your own company website. In the best case, the viral distribution can achieve an enormous reach, multiplying the effects of employer branding.

You can find out how you can use Instagram for your employer branding on many videos from Youtube. 

Successful employer branding is not just about dissemination and communication to the outside world. Measures must always be directed inwards. Otherwise, an empty message is conveyed, the content of which is not implemented. Possible measures for promotion and design are: 

  • Free meals for employees 
  • Simple and direct communication 
  • Regular feedback from the boss 
  • Opportunities for relaxation at work 
  • Flexible working space design 
  • Work-life balance 
  • Rules for home office 
  • Flexible working hours 
  • Further training offers 
  • Promotion opportunities 
  • Honors for employees 
  • Mentoring programs 
  • Events for teams and employees 
  • Rewarding them, for exmaple business card.

An important measure is a direct exchange with employees and applicants. This is where companies receive important feedback that they should implement.  

What do employees value? What is bothering you in the workplace? What did applicants find pleasant - what was wrong?  

You learn what you should optimize and at the same time show that you value the opinion and use it to optimize your employer image.