Name card holders are a special way to spread news about your brand or products and services. Since it is a representation tool, you ought to make it as good as possible. Making a name card stunning can be achieved in different ways. One popular way to achieve this is through engraving the name card holder on the card. Why is this necessary? What are the benefits? Read on. 

How to Laser Engrave a Name Card Holder on the name card 

Get your material  

Before starting your engraving process, you need to have your material ready. You need a speedy laser with a 2.5 inch lens. There are more materials you could utilize. Check: Once the materials are ready, you may proceed to the next step. 

Laser engrave 

Laser engraving the name of the card holder is not always an easy step. Hiring the services of an expert is always advisable. It will save you time and energy to learn the challenging laser engraving process. 

Why Laser Engraving is Important today 

Stands out 

A laser engraved card stands out. From a far, one can see the card and like it already even before looking at the details. That’s not all. Due to its expensive appearance, the recipient will be compelled to keep the card. Since it looks expensive, the card may also convince the receiver to purchase your product. 

Conversion rate 

This is the rate at which you turn your potential clients to successful sales. Name cards that appear appealing to the eye to the eye tend to convert more clients. If told to decide whether one will retain an engraved card or any other kind, most people will settle for the engraved card. 

This means there’s something special about an engraved name card. It is a symbol of quality and shows how dedicated the card owner is. That is why most potential clients will easily purchase either as an appreciation or out of interest. 


The material used to make a high quality name card makes it strong enough to last long. Whether the recipient of the card exposes it to extreme weather conditions or not, you can be sure the card will stay strong for the longest time possible. Your potential client may need the service/product you advertised on your name card. Your card should last long enough so that people are able to reach you years after you gave out the name card. 


Name cards are meant for branding and marketing. Engraved name cards make it easier to achieve these objectives as those who receive your card remain amazed by how committed you are to your art. 


Engraving names on name cards may not be the easiest way to make a business card. Regardless, it remains one of the best ways to make your name card outstanding. The results yielded are positive and you can be certain your brand will grow or your organization will make sales.