Printing of Name Card Stickers 

You can print name cards stickers using several printing methods. But, in any of the cases, you should pay close attention to these aspects: 

Cutting Area

There are mechanical intolerances involved in printing that can make the actual cutting of the name card sticker a mess. For that reason, you must leave a space must between the bleed line and the security line to avoid errors after printing. 

Keep important text and images within the safety line and out of the cutting area for awesome name cards! 

Bleed Line

The edges of the document are called bleed lines and they serve a specific purpose. To prevent an unwanted border from appearing on your name card stickers, be sure to extend the background colors or design elements to the border. 

Security Line

We can say that the safety lines are the edges that are within the area where the cut will be made. At design time, we recommend keeping all necessary information such as phone numbers, names, addresses, or logo design within the security line to ensure they are not cut off. 

Print Test

Finally, you must do a print test. If you want your name card stickers to be of quality, you must print a sample to verify that there are no errors and all the information is correct. 

The print sample will also help you practice cutting and find out if the colors are what you expected. 

Final Thoughts. 

Name card printing can become your greatest allies to boost the growth of your company or brand. But you have to design and print them correctly so that they can serve this purpose. 

Do you want yours to be impressive? Hire a professional company!