To achieve a certain perception with branding, there are a few components to consider. Above all, this includes the company logo design. It represents the face and figurehead of the company. The company logo can also serve as the basis for all other designs. 

Basic Branding Components 

Anyone who wants to build up a brand portfolio is well advised to use a so-called brand style guide. The publication, which is often referred to as the "brand bible" in marketing, contains everything you need to know about the relevant brand. These are, for example, colors, fonts, key visuals, design examples, and other elements that are simply part of consistent branding. 

Creating a corporate mission statement can also prove helpful. Once you know or have determined who you are or want to be, then many things can be done more efficiently in branding. In addition, values ​​and goals can be set that appear to be necessary for the company. A corporate mission statement thus serves the self-image. 

Consistent branding of a brand can be achieved with a style guide. 

Depending on the type and scope of the company, additional components are then added to the branding. This can be, for example, letterhead, business cards, brochures, catalogs, or flyers. Websites are also an essential part of branding as they represent figureheads in the digital world. 

Branding on the Internet 

When branding on the Internet, a company or a personality uses the possibilities of the Internet to build a brand. There are no prescribed rules that a company should adhere to. Every company has to develop its own concept of how to proceed with branding on the Internet. 

This includes, among other things, the visual representation of the company on the Internet, interactive elements on the homepage, or regular maintenance of the company website. SEO, PR, social media marketing, or newsletters are also essential marketing options for conveying messages to customers.  

Branding a brand doesn't stop once the brand has become known? A brand's image also needs to be cultivated.