Check Robots.Txt 
The robots.txt file is a text file that tells search engines which pages to crawl. As a rule, companies only have to adjust these slightly. However, you should check your website to see if the robots.txt file prevents crawlers from including a page in their index because This prevents a ranking in the SERPs. 
Check the Structure of The Website 
The structure of your website determines how well users can find their way around it and how long they stay on the site. If users stay longer on a page, Google classifies this as a positive ranking signal. Because: It shows the algorithms that users have found what they are looking for. Companies should therefore choose a page structure that enables users to navigate easily and comprehensibly.  
You should be able to move around a page intuitively - without having to make too many clicks to get to your target page. It helps not to create too many sub-pages. Because: Google finds content that is too deep only irregularly and takes longer to receive updates. At the same time, companies shouldn't put all of their content on a single page. That damages the clarity. 
Add Breadcrumb Menus 
A breadcrumb menu describes links that companies place at the top or bottom of a page so that users can quickly return to a previous page without clicking the "back" button in their browser. As a rule, companies should link to the overview page or the category page. 
Breadcrumbs don't just help users. It also tells Google, Bing, and Co. how a page is structured. This makes the menu an essential element of Technical SEO. 
Use Structured Data 
Structured data is a standardized format that you can use to add information to your website. The result: a search engine can easily understand and classify the content of a page. Structured data is not a direct ranking factor. However, depending on the search query, Google generates rich snippets for its SERPs from the structured data. That means: Companies appear with their side up in the SERPs with unique elements such as rating stars, price information, or images. This increases the likelihood that users will click the link. 
How companies should use structured data depends on what industry they are in. Online shops can score points with Google, for example, if they incorporate the structured data according to the "Product" scheme on all product pages. Local companies should integrate the data on their side according to the "local business" scheme.