4. Job Title 

Don’t forget to write your job, so people know your position. This helps people to adjust the significant business to dealing with you. People can also more easily find you in the company because they already know your position. 

5. Contact Details 

This is so important. Make sure you write the newest contact details so people can easily contact you. Put your email, phone number, and address. Make sure the address you write is a work address because a private address is vulnerable to being shared. 

6. Barcode 

The new thing to put on a name card is a barcode. Maybe you rarely find a barcode on old name cards. But right now, a barcode is a must because it is really useful. It can link to your website or social media. So this can instantly gain new connections. 

Make sure there are no elements left behind when you make a name card. You have to put all the important information on a name card. This makes it easier for you to exchange information among workers. After you've prepared the essentials things for a name card, it's time to make it. Print your name card in good quality. You can print your name card at a printing service in Singapore, guaranteed the results will be good.