#3 Cover Cracks 

It is essential to fix well the possible cracks by using sticker printing in sinks, sinks, drains, etc., to prevent insects or rodents from sneaking in and forming infection nests. You also have to avoid excess humidity under sinks, water heaters, bathrooms. 

#4 What If The Problem Is Already There? 

Suppose it is too late to avoid a pest. In that case, the only solution is to contact reliable pest control and Disinfection Company that fumigates and applies pesticides correctly and effectively.  

It protects all people and pets and does not cause any harm to health. For this, you must have the relevant health license. 

The rodent species are eliminated with anticoagulant products with almost immediate effects on the animal. Four-monthly treatments are required to be carried out in municipal offices and public schools to eliminate cockroaches, coinciding with the holiday season. 

Mosquitoes are controlled weekly during spring and summer and monthly the rest of the year, the localized outbreaks located in and around the salt flats. 

The pest control service company website usually has a section where citizens can expose their problems related to urban pests. Through a simple questionnaire that arrives directly at the Solution offices, inquiries will be answered as soon as possible, within 24 to 48 hours.