A company seal is a small tool that holds great importance especially in the office or in a company or organization.

To simply describe it, a common seal is a tool that has two metal plates against each other that are attached to a handle. The metal plates are engraved with a certain design, commonly the logo of the company or organization. For office uses, it needs to have a registration number for the seal to be regarded as valid.

To use a common seal, you simply have to press the two opposing metal plates against either side of a piece of paper. The common seal will leave an embossed impression on the surface of the paper. This tool does not require ink or a source of energy. It works entirely manually.

A common seal used to be mandatory in the past for the purpose of authorization and authentication of documents that are to be released or issued by a company or organization. However, nowadays, many countries no longer make it an obligation. All a document needs now is the signature of the company's director for it to get authenticated and authorized. Even so, that does not make a common seal entirely forgotten. In fact, there are still many companies or organizations that request a common seal manufacture service. It is because a common seal can really give off a proper and professional feel and it can really put your company or organization in a positive way.

To get a common seal, the very first step that you have to do is make sure that your company is registered with the government. If you haven't, get your company approved and registered first, incorporate it, and fulfill all requirements so that you can get completely settled and registered. After the success of your company registration, you will get a registration number. This registration number of your company must be present on the design of a common seal, as mentioned previously at the beginning. So make sure that you don't forget to include it in the design. The rest of the work is left to the manufacturer to do.

If you are unfamiliar with designing something from scratch, you can definitely try finding online templates that are free and customizable for the design of a common seal. Although, designing a common seal is quite a lot simpler than designing other things. After your design is satisfactory, you can hand it to a manufacturer.

Usually, a common seal manufacturer can finish the work within several working days. Although, there are also some that can finish within twenty-four hours. Usually, they are more expensive than the rest.

Make sure that you find the best common seal manufacturer possible around your area. Check on their portfolios and examples of work if necessary. It is really important especially if you decide to order the common seal from an online shop. Not only portfolio and past work examples, but you should also search up for customers' testimonials so that you can be sure that you are getting a common seal in at least a good quality.