Planning a wedding can become a critical situation for many couples, especially when it comes to defining some elements such as the guest list, the wedding date, or the wedding cards. In this specific case, couples are often at a crossroads when it comes to designing and shaping the invitation cards. 

In the following article, we have brought you a few tips that can be useful when designing your wedding card. A wedding between two people is a unique event and for many, it is something that must be perfect. With our help, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and hours of stress-filled work to create the perfect invitation card. 

Invitation Card Size 

A wide variety of card designs can be created with different types of sizes. It is common for couples to opt for specific shapes and sizes to create original cards; however, the first thing you should avoid is choosing large sizes and shapes to design your cards. 

Remember that you must send your invitation cards to several people, and if the cards are very large there may be problems during the transportation and mailing of the invitations.  

Keep It Simple 

It is normal for couples to want to design original cards; however, the more details and accessories the invitations have, the more expensive they will be to produce and the more difficult they will be to send. Likewise, invitations can be overloaded with too many details. 

Don't leave the design to the last minute 

One thing to consider is that wedding card design is one of the first things you should do during your wedding planning. Choosing the right design, size, and shape of the invitation can take a lot of time, so we recommend that you plan the design of the invitation cards. 

One of the best things you can do is to assist professional designers months in advance of your wedding date, this way, your invitation cards will be ready on time and you will be able to send them to your guests without major problems. 

Calligraphy design 

This is one of the most important points when designing a wedding card. With the wrong handwriting, you can generate ambiguity in the text of your invitation card. Likewise, the size of the letters is fundamental when writing the text of the invitation and defining the subsequent designs. 

Colors and Patterns Add Personality to the Cards 

In this case, you can choose the colors and patterns of your preference, but you must be aware that the colors and patterns must coexist in harmony with the type of calligraphy you have already chosen for the text. 

On the other hand, there must be a contrast between the text, the patterns, and the background color of the card. If the colors of all these elements are similar you can provoke boredom in your guests. Wedding cards should be provided with the basic rules of contrast, remember that the invitations are a reflection of your personality and that of your couple.