Never forget the colors: there is a rule that recommends the use of a maximum of 4 colors to define the color palette of the card, the lettering, the company logo design, and the design in general.  

The printing material is also important: Finally, the printing material should not be forgotten. The printing material can influence the size, shape, and design of the card. Among the most common materials are paper and card stock; however, silicon or plastic can also be used. 

"Bleed" to Print Perfect Cards 

Bleed" is a process often used during card printing, which is necessary for the colors to be printed perfectly on the cards. A standard rule indicates that during printing, the bleed should be 3 mm and of the same background color as the card. 

Name Cards Never Go Out Of Style 

Name cards are a good accessory with which you can transmit any kind of information about a person. You can play with your imagination and creativity to create unique cards and with which you can cause a sensation, which can hardly be obtained through digital alternatives. 

This kind of card does not go out of fashion, since it has a great value to impress and get a good impression of another person. A card can say a lot about a person, so we invite you to take into account all these factors if you are interested in having a name card.