Sometimes, standing out or showing your real self is not as easy as picking the clothes and colors you like. Perhaps you really like a symbol, or want to show you enjoy something, be it a media franchise, subculture or philosophy. 

Thanks to specialized stores, you can commission items bearing specific designs of your choice, or even better, your creation! There are many options for customizing your things: Custom print shirts, pins, embroidery and patches are popular options for making an article of clothing truly yours. 

Another of these options is sticker printing. By using custom stickers, you can add a personal flair to any of your possessions, not just clothing. You can place them on notebooks, skateboards, laptops, phones and many more. 

So while a sticker will not work on a fabric, neither will a custom patch work on anything other than fabrics. You should not consider these as having to choose one or the other, but instead, as different tools for different items. 

How Do I Get Custom Stickers? 

The first thing you need is a design: It should be somewhat simple, in order to let them be easily printable, but you should at least make it distinct; if your design ends up being a simple triangle, you might as well buy standard triangle stickers and draw on them instead. 

Generally speaking, you will want to use custom sticker printing related to things you enjoy, however, if you like a major franchise, you will probably find official stickers at a lower than having custom ones made.

However, if you are artistically inclined, you can create your own original artwork instead; stickers that play off of each other, making jokes or scenes with them!