If you are designing your stickers yourself, keep in mind the surfaces you will place it on. You should play around with the colors in order to either complement the original colors or at least keep it consistent.

While multicolor arrangements, like rainbows, ignore normal schemes, choosing complementary colors will work wonders on aesthetics. 

Once you have found or made your design, you can search online for sticker printing stores. Many of these will let you edit your design after you upload it for a better end result. You might have to alter the size or even a color or two. 

Using Your Stickers 

Now, you can use your aesthetic sticker printing as you wish. You might want to cover the livery of your device with a sticker of your own,. If you use it on your phone, be sure not to cover any of the buttons, the headphone or charger jacks, or the battery lid, lest you tear your sticker in half. 

It is a good idea to keep a few spares, as wear and tear will take their toll, but when the stickers inevitably serve their purpose, a new sticker will be at hand to take their place. 

By relying on sticker printing, you will display your interests or maybe art of your own in a way that is inexpensive, does not obtrude, and can be easily removed.