The best social media strategy is to use that platform where your target audience is active. The majority of people use Facebook, so it's the most effective way to promote your business and products.

Facebook allows companies to connect with their customers and self-promotion. It does not matter what kind of business you are running; Facebook is best to inform customers about the latest products and upcoming projects. 

1. Facebook Business Page: 

A Facebook business page is a free marketing way for businesses. This social media strategy allows your business to give information about your products and services. You can also add links, images or logo design to your business profile to build a sense of professionalism.

The Facebook business page is an excellent opportunity to introduce your business to the world. It also represents the human side of your brand. It gives you the chance to discuss everything with the audience frankly. Share funny videos and images to make your content entertaining as people enjoy hilarious stuff. You can also share blogs related to products to make the content authentic and exciting. 

2. Facebook Advertising: 

Another feature of Facebook that has proven beneficial for businesses is a Facebook advertisement. If you have a Facebook business account and put so much effort but not getting the expected results, then Facebook ads are the best way to gain recognition.

Facebook ads are shown in the side column of the Facebook site. They include a headline, an image, and a click-through link to your Facebook business page. 

Facebook Advertising Includes: 

  • Demographic targeting based on age, location, and interest 
  • Ad testing 
  • Ad performance tools 
  • It can also advertise your business for a particular area 
  • Help you to get the attention of the target audience 

Facebook advertisements benefit the brand in the long run. Once a person follows your Facebook business page, he becomes a permanent part of your brand and gets notifications about your brand's activity. It results in getting more engagements that eventually promote your business. 

3. Facebook Promoted Posts: 

Facebook-promoted posts are another way to increase likes and engagements on your posts and one of widely use social media strategy. This technique can help promote posts related to your products, so more people get the chance to know about them.

The question that brands often ask -why should they boost their posts to the audience that is already following them? The reason behind that followers do not active on Facebook is to miss the feed of your page. Facebook makes sure that the promoted post is seen by your audience with an added option to reach friends of followers. 

4. Facebook Exchange (FBX): 

Facebook Exchange provides you with an excellent social media strategy to retarget an audience based on web history. When a user searches for a product page on a retailer's website but doesn't purchase it, the retailer can show the same product with FBX. These ads appear inside columns, and now Facebook has also added the feature of showing the ads in the news feed to facilitate brand promotion. 

5. Sponsored Stories: 

Sponsored stories are based on the user's activity. Businesses use this promotion method to highlight the activities of a user. The action of a user appears in the Newsfeed or the sidebar of his friends through sponsored stories. For example, if a user likes a page or uses an app, it is automatically posted in his friend's Newsfeed and quickly gets attention. Sponsored stories are not shown to people who are not connected to a page or app through friends.