Seamless printing: the printing on wallpaper should be smooth, spotless, and seamless. Its means it should not contain any breaks in the print, blank space, or disturbed printing. Make sure the design is alright before printing it on wallpaper to avoid such inconvenience.   

Compatible with the wall: while starting a digital wallpaper business, make sure to provide the best to your customer. For example, always sell wallpapers compatible with the customer's taste, space and length, and width of walls. The print on wallpaper should be suitable to the room's size and style.  

Provide variety: Everyone has different tastes, preferences, and ideas while selecting wallpaper or poster printing for their room, home, or office. The taste also differs from age to age and from gender. Try to have a wide variety of wallpaper designs and graphics to attract more customers. Try having different plans for bedroom, restroom, living room, shopping malls, offices hallways, waiting rooms so that everyone who is visiting your business can buy what he wants.  

Digital wallpaper on demand: try offering custom printed wallpapers as they attract more customers to your business. Customer can order whatever print he wants to be printed whether it's a painting or picture f himself. It's more cost-effective, and you don't need to hold tons of already printed wallpaper for months unless someone buys it. Digital print wallpaper is easy to install and easy to remove. That's why it can bring many potential customers to your doorstep without even any effort.