Wedding is one of the biggest and most memorable days for most people! That is why it is celebrated because most couples want to share their moments and happiness with others. Because of that, invitations are must-have items in wedding preparation and celebration! 

Wedding invitation cards are needed as a way of letting people know that they are officially invited to the wedding! Verbally asking people to come to a wedding is not the same as giving them an invitation. Without it, people might wonder if they are actually invited to the wedding and expected to come or not. Because of that, a wedding invitation becomes a small and essential thing in a wedding. 

Well, if you intend to make wedding invitation cards, then you cannot make it all of sudden. You need to plan it first! In planning your wedding invitation cards, there are several tips that you can consider and follow to make the process easier, or even to make the result of the invitation more optimal! So, here are a few of them!  

1. You Need to Allocate a Budget!  

First and foremost in planning your wedding invitation, you need to make a budget allocation for it! Once you make it without a clear budget allocation, you may overspend for it. Because of that, after deciding to get married, remember to allocate your wedding budget for it!    

2. Tips for the Guestlist!  

A guestlist plays an important role in planning the whole wedding, including when preparing the wedding invitation. Early in the process, you may think that creating a guest list is not that difficult. But unfortunately, it is quite complicated. You need to make it together with your partner, or even with you and your partner's parents. In making a guest list, there are a few tips and here are a few of them! 

  • If you have a year to prepare your wedding, then start compiling the list 12 - 9 months before the wedding. For finalizing, you can make it in 8 - 6 months before the big day.  
  • It is better to ask your parents or your fiancé's parents to compile a guest list together, especially if they take a part in funding your wedding celebration or reception. 
  • You need to decide the percentage of how many people that you, your fiancé, parents, and future in-laws can invite to the wedding. 
  • Make sure all names and addresses on the list are up-to-date.

3. Print the Number of Additional Invitations 

In compiling the guest list, you may forget to write down a few names that supposed to be invited to the wedding. Because of that, some extra is needed! You can create 10 - 15 additional invitations for that! 

4. Digital and Printed Invitations 

The formal impression in inviting someone is really needed, therefore in inviting people you need to send printed invitations to them. But, if you have a few guests living in different cities or countries, then you have two options. You can send them printed invitations or send digital ones. If the shipping costs are too high or you don't have time to wait for the card to be received, then you might consider sending them a digital invitation.