5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Brochure: Part 1

A brochure is commonly used as a tool for promotion, whether it’s a product, service, or campaign. Of course, it has to captivate people, so the look plays an important role. The key to a successful brochure promotion is to get people to want to read or keep it, not ignore it or end up in the trash can. To make a good brochure, you must know these common mistakes to avoid on a brochure.

1. Low quality
Quality over quantity, that is the principle that you should always have when you have a business. Even if it just for the promotion, you have to make sure people see it in the best quality. Don’t print your brochure with bad quality materials and low-resolution images, it just makes you look unprofessional. Print it on thick paper with a good quality print result. You can entrust the printing service in Singapore to print your brochure.

2. Bad colour
If you want your brochure to look good, choose the right colour. Use the colour palette to make a good combination. Don’t put too many contrast colours that make your brochure messy and unorganised. Pay attention to the colour for background and text. You don’t want your text unreadable because the colour blends with the background. If your background’s colour is dark, choose the light colour for the text.

3. Wrong position
The position between text and other elements like image, icon, or logo must be organised and easy to recognise. When people see it, they can understand the message you try to tell them. Also, don’t make some image covers the text. Put every element in the right place, so there won’t be too much white space that seems uneven.