5 Easy Tips for Efficient Postcard Marketing


Perhaps you have never heard of postcard marketing in Singapore before. This conventional marketing approach could be unfamiliar to most millennials now that digital marketing is the preferred method among many. Postcard marketing, on the other hand, is one of the only conventional marketing tactics that are still effective and important in this technological age.

Consider postcard design and printing in Singapore for marketing if you are a small to medium company, particularly if you only have limited funds for marketing your business. It is a low-cost marketing technique that everybody can use, and it is still really measurable.


So, if you are interested in giving it a shot, here are some helpful hints for creating a perfect marketing postcard.


1. Print Large

A6 is the regular postcard scale, but nothing prevents you from printing bigger sizes. Larger postcards, in particular, will make them seem more appealing and harder to overlook. As compared to standard-sized postcards, a bigger postcard has a greater chance at capturing the interest of the target audience.


2. Font style

The typeface you use on your postcard is significant in determining its final outcome. You should try out different styles to see which one fits well with the style of your design and the main message of your postcard marketing. However, you can use bold typeface in general, particularly on sections that need emphasis, such as the call to action sentence or the postcard's headline.


3. Finishing/Coating

Coating your postcard will give it a more polished appearance and also make it more durable because it serves as a protective surface.


Your postcard will last longer if it is coated, and you will have nothing to think about when it is sent via the mail.

Some people prefer to laminate or use UV coating on their postcards.


4. Make use of heavy card stock

The term "heavy card stock" refers to a thicker card stock. Of course, this indicates that it would be sturdier. However, don't be too concerned about this because higher-quality postcard printing performance would result in higher earnings and a quicker return on investment. You'll have a greater chance of success if you choose a higher-quality postcard.


5. Proofreading is crucial

Before going into the printing process, proofreading is done to ensure that the postcard is free of errors. An efficient postcard is one that conveys the correct message without creating uncertainty, so this factor is critical in deciding whether or not you will be able to compete effectively with postcards. If your postcard contains a lot of errors, your readers will be confused, and the right message would not be conveyed efficiently.


Now that you have learned the essential tips for creating a great-looking postcard, it is time to put them to use with your own style. These tips may not seem to be really important, but they are crucial in ensuring a perfect postcard that fits well for marketing efforts using postcards. So, do not forget about them and definitely try them out to see how they can truly help you with your marketing campaign.

Lastly, good luck!