#2 Rely on Uniformity 

Suppose you know who you want to address. In that case, you should create uniformity using precise positioning and a clear design: Increase the recognition value through a coherent corporate design and a sophisticated marketing plan, which should also contain appropriate content marketing. 

The corporate design ensures a uniform design of your communication media - from the product packaging to the business stationery. Uniform colors, shapes, and fonts increase your recognition value and strengthen brand awareness. 

The content concept also defines content-related aspects, such as tonality, topics, and formats. This provides an orientation that defines the desired positioning of your brand outwardly. 

#3 Brand Recognition Through Memorability 

For strong brand recognition and the uniform external presentation through logo, slogan & Co, memorability also plays a decisive role. Your brand and its content should be attractive. Exciting content with an emotional “ trigger” strengthens your recognition effect, and your target group remembers your values ​​more easily. 

For example, work with currently much-discussed topics that should always be authentic concerning your brand or tell meaningful stories as part of storytelling. 

#4 Position Yourself Clearly 

For a memorable external image, you also need a precise brand positioning: For example, determine which values ​​your company uses to define yourself, which overarching goals you want to achieve with your customers, and which message you want to send with your offer. 

This positioning should then be reflected in your content. You can also relate your positioning to current trends, provided that they fit your brand. 

#5 Take Familiar Logos As An Example 

Creating a logo tailored to your brand can be a challenge, making sense to hire an agency. But the DIY method is also possible. 

With the proper instructions and a little time, you can create a logo on your own. If you want to create your own eye-catching logo design, you should take an example of well-known logos to understand how simplicity wins the game.