2. Disco Revival

If we see the past through rose colored lenses, we see the 70s through rainbow colored ones. The 70s in our collective memory feels like a decade-long party.

We imagine the shimmer of disco balls, the strut of platform shoes, and the time-honored dad dance: The Lawnmower. Likewise, 70s style typefaces remain popular for all the festive vibes they convey. 

The resurgence of disco fonts comes in the form of multicolored type, thick curves and psychedelic effects. These are typefaces which demand a double take, and they will be the font of choice for groovy themes in 2021. 

3. Dynamic Lettering 

Writers and typographers around the world have always known that words have a life of their own, but this is becoming a tangible reality through 2021’s trend of dynamic lettering.

Dynamic letters create the illusion of movement using fluid shapes, textured shading, and action lines—like a mid-motion snapshot. 

This trend is an analogue compliment to last year’s kinetic type, reminding us technology was never a necessity for moving art.

Dynamic lettering can not only transition well into real animation, it will trick you into thinking it already has.

The tradeoff is that dynamic type is more difficult to read, but designers whose projects involve illustrative hand-lettering and large just like invitation card, singular words might easily find themselves swept along with the movement of this trend.