5 Foundation Elements of Branding


Branding is undoubtedly a critical part of doing business. The absence of a proper branding plan will jeopardise the continuity and the capability of your brand to compete in the long run.


Defined as the activity of shaping your brand, branding is more than just that. There are many elements in it, in which each needs meticulous planning and attention in order to turn your customers into loyal ones.


The Elements of Branding

1. Mission statement and brand value

What does your brand plan to achieve? What is the purpose of the foundation of your business? These questions need to be answered in order to create a brand's mission statement and brand value. These two aspects are the very basis of your brand. Without first determining them, you cannot proceed to the next steps of branding, as you will only create an inconsistent brand. This needs to be always remembered for the long run, and all branding efforts need to revolve around the mission statement and brand values at all costs.


2. Brand guidelines

After you are sure of your mission statement and brand value, then you can proceed to make brand guidelines that further ensures the capability of your company in creating strong and consistent branding.

As the mission statement and brand value are the foundation, brand guidelines are the pillars. Whatever branding effort you plan to put out there, must refer to these brand guidelines. The brand guidelines need to be made into tangible documents or files that can always be accessed. This will create a strong identity and personality that can make you stand out from the competition.


3. Logo

No brand can do well without a logo. A lot of effort needs to put into creating one. So, do not underestimate the importance of a logo and brainstorm the idea until you find the best one. The logo will represent you as a brand and create a certain perception of your customers. Cooperate with experienced graphic designers to make one that will look good on all of your brand assets.


4. Website

In this digital era, the website is an important part of branding. Customers tend to search up about your brand and try to find information on their own. That is where your website plays the most important role. You must make sure that it shows up on the search, and can provide the right information about you as well as give a positive impression on them. Website is almost as important as the brand logo itself, so match the design elements of your logo to your website.


5. Other branding assets

Additional branding assets like business cards, flyers, brochures, packaging, and more depending on the type of industry or branding strategy you have are of course needed. Always refer to your brand guidelines when making these for coherent branding.


It might sound a bit daunting and a lot of work, but branding is always worth it. So, think up your own branding strategy from now on before you embark on your business journey.