5 Important Elements of Designing a Postcard


Though it may seem to be an out-of-date marketing strategy, a postcard is still an effective tool that generates revenue.


Prior to beginning of the process of the postcard printing in Singapore, you should be aware that there are many core elements of postcard design that make it an effective marketing method.


A postcard must be visually pleasing, unforgettable, and to the point. Thus, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.


1. Think about the printing options

Aside from the style, certain printing choices have an effect on the postcard's final output.


As soon as you finish designing the postcard, consider if the card stock you are using is suitable for printing, what kind of finish you will need for your postcard, and the overall standard you like for your postcard after printing. And even if they may seem to be minor details, they are crucial in deciding the attractiveness of your postcard. As far as the budget requires, try to strive for the highest quality possible.


2. The use of colours

The colours you chose for your postcard's design often determine its appeal. You cannot just choose any colour for it because colour generates aesthetic impact.


Alternatively, careful consideration is needed. Remember that the colours you chose for your postcard design must unmistakably reflect the core brand elements. So, along with the corporate logo and other brand names, a perfect template includes a proper hue that portrays the corporate colour.


3. Use relevant photos

Without a picture or photo, a postcard would be boring. Hence, using one or two in your template is still a smart idea. Be sure, though, that the picture you choose is appropriate to the campaign you are running and the important information. Also, do not overdo it by cramming your postcard with so many photos.


4. Do not forget to include the logo 

A logo is a critical branding element that must be included on your postcard, particularly because it is intended for marketing purposes. A logo serves as the corporate name and aids in attracting the interest of potential buyers and clients.


5. Straightforward and simple

When designing a high-quality and enticing postcard, these two aspects must always be kept in mind. To avoid getting frustrated by the stuffy or cramped design as well as the material, keep the design simple and straightforward.


Maintaining a tidy design will improve the effectiveness of your postcard and help you prevent visual clutter. When creating the graphic for your postcard, keep in mind the visual tone is essential and should be tailored to your target audience.


Once you are sure that you have come up with a great design, then the next step that you need to do is print it. The trick to get an outstanding result is finding an experienced and reputable printing service in Singapore. With a printing service like this, you can get access to finishes or receive suggestions on how to make your postcard look even better. Also, you would not have to worry about the problems of bulk printing because they have the equipment for it.