5 Inspiring Wedding Card Designs: Part 1

A wedding card is the first thing people see when they get invited to your wedding. It is like the first look before the actual wedding start. Taking attention to a wedding card is not just about the look, but also the message. The message contains information about who, where, and when the wedding will be held. That information is conveyed in a nice design to feast for the eyes. Take a look at these 5 inspiring designs for a wedding card.

1. Minimalist
A simple and minimalist design has become a trend for the last few years. The key of minimalist design is ‘’Less is more’’. You don’t need excessive decoration, all you need is essential elements. Most millennials choose this theme to show modern style. It fits any wedding theme and can be paired with pastel colours or neutral colours. Minimalist wedding card design is perfect for those of you who want to make an intimate wedding. With less decoration, you have more space to play with typography to make the design more stand out.

2. Nature
If you are planning on an outdoor wedding, a wedding card with a nature theme can be your option. Choose warm colours such as orange and brown or a natural colour like green. Use an unexpected texture that feels like leaves or a little rough surface. You can also add artwork with leaves or tiny trees for decoration on the edge of the card. Find the trusted wedding card printing services in Singapore to create your beautiful wedding card.