5 Misconceptions About Graphic Design


As graphic design continues to evolve over the many years, a lot of myths and misconceptions began to arise. Many of these are believed by many people, including non-designers, beginners, and even some professionals.

Perhaps some of these have been heard by you as well.

So, let's check out if you believe some of these misleading statements.


1. Graphic Design = Making Logos

Nope. Graphic design is more than just creating logos. Sure, many graphic design services are requested for making logos, as logos are very important for businesses of any size. Without proper graphic design, a good logo cannot come to fruition. However, graphic designers are capable of making more than just logos. Graphic design is also designing posters, leaflets, brochures, magazines, infographics, and many more. So, never reduce graphic design to just logo making.


2. Graphic Design is Only for Printing

In the past couple of years, graphic design has taken its spot in the list of the most important things needed for content marketing, which is a part of digital marketing, mainly, these days. So, it is more than just for printed mediums. Graphic design is needed to make content in social media, in websites, to make email newsletter visuals and many more. In fact, from graphic design, it can expand more to UI and UX design as well.


3. Graphic Design Only Involves Still Images

Wrong. Have you heard about motion graphics? It is a part of graphic design as well, and it is not a still image. Simpler than motion graphics, graphic design also includes designing for GIFs. Graphic designers are more and more motivated to learn beyond just still images and continue to find ways to create interesting visuals that are engaging.


4. Graphic Design is Expensive

Graphic design is expensive comes from the understanding that you require expensive tools to start. However, this is also simply a myth. You can start learning and doing graphic design by using the very phone you have right now, with free tools like Canva. You don't need to always start with expensive tools and software. As long as you have the drive and knack for it, then you are good to go.


5. Talented is a Must

Not really. Many graphic designers are not exactly born with the talent for design. Graphic design can be learned, and by learning you will get better. If you are interested in learning graphic design, all you have to do is to just keep at it, find references, and not give up. That way, you can always refine your skills and create better output each time.


Now that you know that these things are a myth, how do you feel? Were there some things that you used to believe as well? Are you more interested in learning graphic design now? As stated before, anyone can learn it. There are a lot of sources on the internet that you can always rely on, and simply tap into it as you expand your skills and knowledge. Good luck with learning!