Mobile Payments  

Mobile payments are considered one of the most important changes in the high-tech world. 2021 is witnessing an ever greater adoption of mobile payments like Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Most banks nowadays accept them as a payment method. They will have payment sticker printing pasted on the cashier counter so that people can scan the QR code to pay for their items.

Payment via Chatbot  

Another trend is payment via chatbot. Given their playfulness and availability, these online agents can guide consumers in their purchases… until payment is initiated.  

Clearly, this payment method is part of the trend, when we know that 85% of customer-business interactions will involve the use of a chatbot in 2022, according to Gartner. 

Omnichannel Payment  

The shopping journey is now omnichannel. Consumers start from the mobile and complete their purchases on the computer. Sometimes, they start by doing research on their PC, before going to the store. They can also order via a mobile app and go to the point of sale to pay for and collect their products.  

It is essential to opt for a true omnichannel payment strategy to increase sales. The possibility of reducing the number of intermediaries by allowing the customer to pay directly via the company application is increasingly attractive.  

This is particularly interesting for restaurants and cafes, engaging in “click and collect” (or door-to-door delivery), not to mention businesses that require a lot of loyalty efforts, such as gas stations for example.