5 Postcard Ideas to Share Your Love with Others: Part 1


Who doesn’t like receiving a postcard in the mail? A postcard is a kind of interesting stuff. It brings fun and friendly vibes. People use a postcard to share meaningful messages and stories. Since a postcard is to be received by other people, of course, it has to be appealing. The visualization of the postcard plays a role. When people receive a pretty colourful postcard, they would be happy and excited to open it. These are 5 postcard ideas to give to other people.


1. Simple modern

A simple, modern look postcard is suitable for you who want to send it with friendly coworkers. With a simple design, it looks more professional and can fit any situation. It shows a neutral impression. The design has not too many icons so you can write a long message with this postcard.


2. Photography

If you have a friend who lives on another side of the country, you can use this postcard to send it to them. Choose the theme that has nice photos that show your hometown, so the receiver can picture the image of your hometown. It represents the place where you live and brings a good feeling. You can share your story with them and make them feel closer to you. And you can easily find this postcard because there are many shops selling postcard photography in Singapore.


3. Colourful

Kids are curious to try new things. If you have kids and they like to communicate with their pen pals or you just want to introduce them to how to send a postcard, a colourful postcard can be an option. It can bring excitement for them. They will like a colorful postcard with some icons and cool stickers.