5 Postcard Ideas to Share Your Love with Others: Part 2


4. Vintage

This type of postcard brings old times vibes. Before e-mail, people regularly using a postcard to communicate, but right now most of them using e-mail because it’s faster and easier. If you want to bring back the memories, you can use a vintage postcard with a retro theme. The old-fashioned design shows the originality of a traditional postcard. This postcard can be a good idea if you want to send it to family or old friends.


5. Custom

If you don’t really into some ideas above, custom your own postcard can be a choice. Create a postcard that fits your style. With some creativity, you can share happiness with others. You can put anything you like and also put elements that special to your receiver. You can use any color you like to make the postcard pop out. Customizing postcards can strengthen your connection with the receiver because you show that you care about what they love.


Sharing a moment, message, or story is a way to keep a good relationship with other people. A postcard is an important thing when you want to send a message through post mail. Although there is a new technology that can send your message faster, communicate with traditional mail is another level. You can keep the postcard and reread that in the future. It is like a memory investment. Choose your postcard idea and get it at the nearest postcard shop in Singapore.