The large selection can be overwhelming. We take great pride in the fact that we can constantly offer new business card designs on our website. However, we also recognize that all of these options can be a little intimidating.  

This is especially true if you don't yet know what your card should ultimately look like. It's helpful if you've already given some thought. Even if you can only say what you don't like.

These are the questions you should ask yourself before browsing our designs. 

"Do I Have A Photo or A Logo That I Would Like To Upload?"  

Often, customers have a company logo that should appear prominently on the business card. Some customers need a design that gives them enough space to place a product or portrait image on the card.  

When you order from any business card maker online, you might find a check box "With space for logo/photo." When you enable it, you'll only see the suitable options for use with a photo or company logo design.

It helps if you already have a few thoughts. Even if you can only say what you don't like.  

"What Is The Style of My Company?" 

Is your company retro or modern, elegant or eccentric, unusual or simple?

Graphic designers take the time to design a specific style for a particular company and create cards that fit the exact purpose you want.  

You can filter these styles using the Styles & Themes menu if your business card maker has that. Then, choose the one which best describes the style of your company.