It is well worth knowing the history and benefits of this networking tool. These 5 timeless qualities could be the reason for the longevity of the business card. 

Direct and Personal 

Ideally, networking leads to authentic and long-lasting relationships. Although you can easily send contact information via SMS or email, these methods are relatively impersonal.

Handing over a business card in the course of a conversation looks much more personal. The first impression counts and your body language also determines the first impression you make when you meet new people. 


Cell phone batteries don't last forever. And with an older device and lots of software updates, the lifespan only gets shorter. Most of the time, the battery runs out when you want to access information on the Internet while on the move.

This problem does not exist with business cards. And since they don't rely on batteries or a reliable 4G connection, you can use them around the clock. 


Your business card is a personal memento of your company that won't get lost in the digital world of social media and endless emails. Exchanging business cards is a valuable interaction between you and new contacts and often leads to an initial conversation.

Characteristics of your card such as texture and paper thickness influence how your company is perceived, just as you get an idea of ​​new contacts when you first meet.