Versatile In Use 

Contacts expect business cards. Regardless of where you are on business, the business card is crucial in exchanging contact information and conveying the right first impression with new colleagues, partners, and providers.

Before traveling on business, it can therefore be helpful to find out about the common business etiquette in the relevant country, as this may differ from the local customs.

In some cultures, it is common to pick up a business card with two hands and read it carefully, while in other places dealing with business cards can be much more informal. 


A business card is much more than just your email address or phone number. It communicates the specifics of your brand and what you stand for as an entrepreneur or company.

Handing over a printed card shows more self-confidence and trust in what you are doing than just writing a number on a napkin or storing it on your phone. Your card gives your company legitimacy.

It shows that you take your business seriously. Networking can happen anytime, anywhere. New contacts are made at parties while traveling or at other social events. 

Final Thoughts 

LinkedIn and smartphones are great for networking and sharing information, but they lack the emotional and social level that a traditional business card conveys. These levels are also often the most difficult.

When you order a business card, you are not just buying a piece of paper with your logo and contact information on it. You also design how your company is perceived.