5 Strong Points to Make Your Brochure Effective


A brochure can be a very powerful medium for low-cost company advertising and marketing effort. However, in order to accomplish successful marketing, you must be able to plan and print it appropriately. A powerful, elegant, unforgettable, and thought-provoking brochure design is essential. This is all backed up by good printing choices. If you design the brochure yourself or employ a specialist graphic designer makes no difference. Here are a few brochure design and printing tips to help you create an eye-catching and successful brochure.


1. Make it Appear Eye Catching

The bigger the visual effect on your brochure, the more likely it is to be picked up and kept by your target audience. Whether the brochure is designed subtly or boldly, the graphic should not be bland.

Remember to use your company's colour to reinforce your name, and find complementary colours in the palette to produce a well-balanced and appealing look. Colours must be used successfully in the design of your brochure, and this requires contrast between all, including the background and text colours.


2. Design a Friendly Look

For your target audience, your brochure should look welcoming and approachable. If you are trying to reach out to dynamic and less formal target markets, aim to convey the content of your brochure in a conversational, light, and casual style. Including supportive photographs, such as vibrant and amiable images, to further embed the pleasant feeling.


3. Choose Suitable Font

The font is an element that is often ignored, despite its importance. You must carefully select the font for your brochure because each font has a distinct personality when compared to others.


The font's tone must accurately represent the brand's image and, most significantly, it must be legible. For instance, don't use Comic Sans for formal brochures. Also, don't use calligraphy-like fonts in the brochure because they are difficult to decipher and can just confuse the user. It is not necessary to use an unusual font; instead, make sure that it suits the brochure's theme.


4. Choose the Appropriate Colour

Colours not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the brochure, but also influence the feeling or interpretation that it can elicit. Sine colours can influence the reader's mood and evoke those emotions, it is important to choose the colours that you will use for your brochure carefully. It is best if your brand already has a designated colour and have it used in the brochure as well for stronger branding purposes.


5. Call to Action

Make it clear to your readers what they should do after they have finished reading your brochure, particularly if they are interested in what you have to give. This call to action sentence can be an order, imperative, or directive phrase that encourages the reader to take action based on the details you have given. Choose phrases that are bold but inoffensive to inspire them to respond right away.


Have you noted those points down? When you design your brochure, make sure to apply these tips to max out the potential of your marketing tool.