5 Things to Keep in Mind When You Create Wedding Card: Part 2

4. Size
The size of the card plays an important role, especially when you make a rule that people must bring the invitation card to the wedding for a privacy policy. Make it small and easy to bring. If you make it too big, it will not flexible. 5’’ X 7’’ is typically a perfect size for a wedding card. But if you want to make it smaller or bigger, it depends on what you need. Think about your personal needs and apply them to your card.

5. Template
Design the template that looks stunning. You should make the placement of text, pictures, and other things appropriate. If all the elements are in the right place, people will easily understand the content and it looks more aesthetic. You can use the design services in Singapore to make your dream wedding card, they usually have a selection of templates that are ready to use. You can choose a theme such as classic, modern, or fancy, and they will design it with a great template.

Making a wedding card can be easy and difficult at the same time. It focuses on details and important information about the wedding. A wedding card is a thing that you give to people and represents your wedding, of course, you want it to be special and perfect. Those things above can give you an overview of things on the card that you should pay attention to. Follow those tips and you will have a beautiful wedding card for your special day.