You probably thought that marketing questions are only for large companies; yet all businesses are in the market and marketing is all about the market.

Even if it is small, your business is also concerned with brand identity. We will try to give you some tips to help you manage as well as possible, or at least begin to take care of your " corporate image." 

Tell Yourself: Build Your Own Image from A Story 

Companies often forget the importance of their story: how many companies, family businesses, self-employed people have an interesting story to tell?

More than you think. If you are self-employed, perhaps you have a wildly original and non-linear story to tell, or, on the contrary, a perfectly linear journey: in either case, find out what are the strengths of your story.

And try to make them known to the public. Your story makes you unique and sets you apart from other competitors in the market. 

The Strengths of Your Services or Products: 

It is important to know how to define the advantages that you can bring to your customers: we often focus on the description of a product or a service, limiting ourselves to its technical aspect, without thinking about the uses or benefits that users can derive from it.

It is, in fact, a decisive step in getting to know each other better, and consequently, in getting customers to know you better. 

Looking at yourself from the outside, understanding how the public perceives you, knowing whether or not they understand what you want to communicate, these are steps that it seems obvious to take but that many companies do not bother to achieve.

Thus, rendering their own brand identity sterile and disconnected from their own productive activity. 

From a technical point of view, this means that you have to work a lot on your textual content. They are the basis of your website and can be used in any product that reinforces your brand image, such as brochures, but also pull up  banner and all company information media.