Take Care of The Image: 

Brand identity is also, and in large part, made up of visual elements. How do the company and its products appear? What perception do we get from the visual communication of the company or the self-employed person? 

It is important to take care of the set of images: from photos of company profiles and headquarters to photos that will appear on social networks, from the coordinated image to office items and gadgets. 

The company is not limited to its only products, it also has a visual, continuous and coherent language, allowing it to communicate with the outside world.

Self-employed and small businesses tends to neglect this aspect, preferring public relations or advertising to it, but it's a bit like talking to a person, taking care of the way they speak, choosing their words, trying to convince you, while being dressed in any way, badly combed and in slippers. 

Strengthen Brand Identity Through Simple Communication Products: 

As mentioned above, sometimes it only takes small investments to properly convey your brand identity: pay particular attention to business cards and brochures, make greeting cards, and poster printing to decorate and adorn workspaces or sales, create information supports for the public. 

But also, to enrich your website with useful information and anecdotes. 

There are many ways to communicate. It is up to each company or independent worker to find the most suitable tools to build its image.  

There are different means available, as are the possibilities to tell your own story and make yourself known to the public, thanks to clear and coherent communication highlighting the company, its story and its products.