#3 Formats: Attracting Attention Through Uniqueness 

Although there is no fixed format for business cards, many companies still rely on the standard credit card size (e.g., 85mm x 55mm). Business cards that deviate from this standard are therefore suitable to attract attention.  

For example, a business that card can be opened. They also offer plenty of space for additional text. Another way to stand out from other companies is to print the business card, not in the landscape but in portrait format. 

#4 Paper: Conveying Messages 

Refinements play an essential role in the business card's feel: the type of paper must not be forgotten. A minimum grammage of 300 g / m² is recommended for the small card and is now standard. If business people want to attract attention, they should use a higher paperweight of 350 g / m², postcard board, or 400 g / m² art paper.  

If, on the other hand, companies want to express their commitment to environmental and nature protection, they can have their business cards made from uncoated natural and recycled paper. 

#5 Design: the More Extraordinary, the More Striking 

It has been proven that potential customers are more likely to use colored business card printing. It is therefore advisable to make the small cards colorful.  

Of course, companies should always keep their wild creativity in the back of their minds and not design the business card completely separate from it, but a little courage is useful here. Unusual designs, images that match the job or product, or additional content that is offered via a QR code, for example, help to stay in the recipient's memory.