5 Tips for Postcard Design and Printing


Although designing and printing postcards in Singaporemay seem easy, they should not be taken lightly. Since certain postcards are used for marketing purposes, you must ensure that they have a strong impact on the intended consumer in order for them to function properly.


Now, below are few crucial points to keep in mind when designing and printing a postcard.


1. Images that are strong

Pictures and photographs surely can convey more information than words alone. As a result, choosing a striking photo or image for your postcard design is critical.


If you would like a high-quality postcard printing output, nevertheless, you must pay attention to the quality of the photographs you use for the design before moving on to the printing stage.

When it comes to selecting images and graphics for a postcard design, the resolution must be at least 300 dpi. However, it is not the only consideration.

To evoke the appropriate response from your recipients, you must also ensure that the picture or image is relevant to the postcard.


2. Simple and brief copy

Since it is a part of a marketing effort, you must commit to a short and concise copy that is easy to comprehend. Since a postcard is tiny, you don't have a lot of room to tell too much information on it.


Because of that, good copywriting skills are crucial in the design process. Try to communicate the most important detail in one or two simple and solid lines. To make your promotion more enticing and attention-attracting, play about with colours, shapes, typefaces, and other elements.


3. Allow for more white space

The inclusion of white space in your postcard template does not suggest that it is unattractive. It is, in reality, required to be present. Your postcard will look cluttered if there is not any white space in the design, and the message will be delivered ineffectively.


A cluttered postcard will confuse the receiver at first sight, and it is extremely likely that they will dump your postcard too soon. So, if you want a beautifully appealing design that attracts interest, make sure that your postcard design has ample white space before accepting it for printing.


4. Supersize

Increase the size of your postcard by printing it bigger than the average or regular size. Postcards that are 6 x 9 inches or 6 x 11 inches, for example, are virtually difficult to miss. Since printing the largest postcard would not cost much more, it is a wise choice that you do not disregard.


In addition, it draws attention to the design, as well as the headline and call to action.


5. Ensure that the printing is of high quality

You must also decide the type of card stock that you choose to use for your postcard printing in addition to choosing a reliable printing service. It should ideally be a thick and durable heavy card stock. Do not hesitate to think of the finish that will be included in your postcard. This must be undertaken prior to the designing process so that you can decide the ideal decision of finishes and other printing choices you need.


Make sure you follow all these tips to create the best postcards!