5 Tips for Printing and Designing Wedding Invitations


Do you want to order wedding invitation cards but don't know where to begin? Don't worry, it is not complicated at all. Everything you have to do is prepare accordingly and arrange it so that you can still have plenty, if not extra, time to prepare for your wedding.

When ordering your wedding invitation cards, keep the following tips in mind:


1. Place an Order in Person

By speaking face to face with the wedding invitation maker, ordering the wedding invitation cards in person eliminates the risk of errors miscommunications or other problems that may arise during the process.


Before you make a deal, if you are buying your wedding cards from an online printing store, you can ask them to make it clear that any errors will be resolved. This will save you from losing money when there is conflict in the future.


2. Demand a Sample

If you are buying wedding invitation cards online, requesting a preview is crucial because it is the only way to see the actual look of the wedding invitation card you're ordering. Of course, if you're buying in person, you should ask for it right away. Remember that looking at photos alone would not be enough. Get the real deal as far as possible and make your decision then.


3. Print Extra Invitations

 At the last minute, there are usually still more guests to invite you didn't think of in the beginning, so print extra wedding invitation cards.  Don't print too many, though.  There is no reason to print a lot of extras, just limit yourself to 30 invitations just in case. If you print far too many, you will almost certainly end up with a strew of wedding invitation cards, which is not desirable. It would be a waste of your resources and priceless time.


4. Start Early

Keep in mind that save-the-date cards must be submitted nine to six months prior to the reception, and the wedding invitation card must be sent six to nine weeks prior to the event.


Thus, you must prepare ahead of time and begin purchasing your wedding invites as soon as possible to ensure that you have ample time for everyone. Don't rush because you may forget crucial information and become too anxious about not making it in time.


5. Hire a Graphic Designer

It is much more convenient to delegate the task to an expert. Find a graphic artist or stationer to collaborate with to create a stunning wedding invitation card. Working with a specialist would ensure that the construction of your wedding invitation is flawless and conveys a coherent design concept.


Of course, no one would say no to getting your own design made as your wedding invitation card design if you are familiar with the designing process and trust in your abilities. Still, if that is the case, you can also get feedback from others, whether from a professional such as a graphic artist or from friends or family members to see if the design is appealing and understandable for everyone who receives it.