5 Types of Easels for You to Choose: Part 1

For most artists, choosing an easel is decisive. Because it has a huge impact on the artwork. Easel is used to hold the media while painting, so it plays a role in determining angle and posture. Each easel has a difference that affects its use. If you are looking for the right type of easel to buy, here are 5 types of easels that can be your choice.

1. A-frame easel
Just like the name, it is an easel with an A shape. It is suitable for any artist, whether they are beginners or professionals. It's easy to find and the price is also affordable, you can easily find this easel at an art store in Singapore. It is lightweight but has a three-legged adjustable footprint, so it’s actually stable enough to use and also doesn’t require much space. This type of easel can hold canvas with 38’’ until 75’’ high.

2. H-frame easel
A sturdy easel that can hold a quite big canvas with 84’’ up to 100’’ high, but you can also use this for small canvas. Like the A-frame easel, the H-frame easel has an H shape, but it is stronger than the A-frame easel, hence it’s a little bit hard to move to another place. This easel is usually placed in one place and doesn’t need to be moved again. Put the easel in a comfortable position, so you don’t have to move it. If you need a sturdy easel to put on a studio, this is a great choice.