5 Types of Graphic Design You Need to Understand


Did you know that there are various types of graphic design? It is definitely more than just being able to nicely put everything together on your digital canvas. Graphic design means composing various elements such as typography, images, photos, colours, and others in order to convey a certain message or communicate ideas.


If you want to become a better graphic designer, these are the types of graphic design that you must understand.


1. Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

Marketing and advertising benefit a lot from graphic design, whether it is digitally or in a conventional way.

Without proper graphic design, companies or brands can say goodbye to their goal of raising sales, improving brand awareness, getting more profits, and etc.

When it comes to graphic design for marketing and advertising, the designer must be able to invoke a certain emotion in the target audience's mind by delivering the product's strong points. Graphic design for marketing needs to be able to engage people with one simple design, thus requiring the graphic designers to work closely with marketers and advertisers to understand the target audience better prior to the design process.


2. UI Graphic Design

As more and more phone applications are released and in development these days, UI (User Interface) graphic design service is greatly sought. The focus of UI design is the interaction of the user and the application. The design works to ensure user retention and is often also correlated with UX (User Experience) design. UI design involves brainstorming regarding the choice of button, menu, interactions, and navigation design among many others. It must not only look good but also functional.


3. Visual Identity Graphic Design

Graphic design is always needed by companies to create a strong brand. This is mostly talking about the brand or company logo as its visual identity. A proper logo can tell about a lot of things, such as the tone, personality, and overall image of a business. Not only logo, but it is also important to incorporate the matching typography and colour palette to go along with it. This creates a set of visual brand style that is used by the company across various media consistently. This will be used either digitally or printed on items for stronger branding.


4. Packaging

People have realized the importance of an appealing packaging graphic design more than ever. That is why as a graphic designer, you must also understand that packaging graphic design is an essential thing for the development of a product. The packaging does not only protect the product but also sell it. Without an interesting design, people can end up choosing a brand's competitor. In designing packaging, make sure that the design meets the demands of clients, marketers, as well as manufacturers.


5. Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphics is one of the emerging trends in the graphic design world for the past couple of years. As the name suggests, motion graphic design means that making a graphic that is capable of motion, incorporating animation, audio, typography, and effects in order to create the final outcome that is desired. Nowadays, motion graphics designer is a specialized job due to the high demands of this role.