5 Types of Postcards that You Can Use: Part 1


A postcard has been a useful thing for more than a decade. It can be used for any purpose. Whether for personal use or commercial like if you have a business and want to use a postcard for a part of your promotion. But do you know that postcard has different types? Here are 5 types of postcards that you need to know before using them.


1. Basic postcard

The first type of postcard is a basic postcard, which is the postcard we all most likely find. This is so popular and affordable. It is flexible and can be used on a personal, business, or daily basis. You can personalize the design based on anything you want. The design can be minimalist, colourful, or simple. This is the most common postcard that you can easily find in any postcard store in Singapore.


2. Greeting postcard

Another popular postcard that uses for special events like Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc. The theme of the postcard is based on the events. For example, on Christmas postcard, is usually decorated with a picture of Santa or a Christmas tree. People usually use this postcard to say hello to their friends or family at special events.