5 Types of Postcards You Can Consider Printing


Did you know that postcards can help you market your business? Mail marketing using postcards is still practised today, and it continues to prove its value through the digitisation of the world and the emergence of internet marketing.


Why not consider postcards if you are a small company looking for a cost-effective marketing tool?


Before you begin designing and printing your postcards in Singapore, keep in mind that, in addition to standard-sized postcards, you can create a variety of marketing postcards.


Here's where you can learn more from them.


1. Standard Postcard

This one is not exactly special and most people most likely have heard and seen it.  This postcard is 4.25 x 5.6 inches in size and can be mailed easily without hassle.  What needs to be noted that with this scale, it is a bit challenging to relay a lot of information, so your postcard's content would have to be rather concise as much as possible.


2. Extra Large Postcard

With a dimension of 5.5 x 8.5 inches, this postcard is significantly larger than the standard postcard.  You are allowed to apply a bit more detail about your organization to this postcard due to its size. It relieves some of the restraint that comes with writing on a standard postcard.


3. Block Postcard

If you need a bigger-sized postcard, then we recommend you block the postcard.  Coming in the measures of 6.125 inches by 8.25 inches, it can accommodate several big photos, the company logo, and other design features on one side. You may also use the backside of a block postcard to provide a call-to-action sentence and contact details that do not obstruct the front side of the postcard.


4. Panoramic Postcard

The panoramic postcard is named that way because it is much larger compared to the rest. Its dimensions are 5.275 x 11.25 inches. You can include high-quality photos, bold and powerful headlines, more detail, and more on this type of postcard. With this sort of postcard, you would undoubtedly stand out.


5. Giant Postcard

Still does not think that the panoramic postcard is big enough?  Don't worry, there is a giant postcard for you. If you want a postcard that is very big and sticks out, print a huge postcard. The size of this postcard is 8.5 x 11 inches, which is about the same as a letter flyer. Of course, it should contain additional photographs, emails, contact addresses, and a bolded call to action statement. You may also relay details about what you have to sell to your clients or prospective buyers in comprehensive paragraphs.


When creating a postcard, keep in mind that high-resolution images, matching vibrant colours, bold typeface, and printing in a printing shop on high-quality card stock are all important considerations.  You may also want to try coating your postcard to help it retain its quality and protect it further. If it is sent via the mail, this often acts as a safety measure.


What's most important is that you choose a great printing service in order to make the result satisfactory.