When it comes to business cards, you tend to focus on popular formats. Or rectangular, in size 85 × 55 (perfect to be stored in the wallet), with a 300-gram paper. Right, at least to like breaking away from the crowd, differentiating yourself and opting for a decidedly unconventional business card.

Yes, but how can you personalize a business card? There are several ways, and it must be said that one does not exclude the other: it can be material, form, content, or even… the type of paper. In addition to the classic cards of the 300-gram paper, you may choose other high-quality material which give you the opportunity to stand out from the competition.

In this article we are going to suggest five truly special and sophisticated paper types: we invite you to explore them in this quick but comprehensive guide. So, let’s start!  

Extra White 300 gr 

Characterized by an opaline and velvety surface, the Splendorgel Extra White benefits from a high gradient of white, which increases the luminosity, and which will amaze those who receive our cheap business cards.
Definitely a good choice for those with the firm intention of showing up, but with a strong touch of class, and luxury.

Extra White 340 gr 

This is the best version of the Splendorgel Extra white starting at 340 grams, a real highlight of online printing. The paper element is even more durable and prestigious, the same colour printing quality (CMYK) on both sides, front / back.

Ivory 300 gr 

This paper has a very particular smooth, silky surface, further enhanced by the distinctive ivory colour. A unique and elegant shade, capable of immediately striking the eyes of the people who will receive your classy business card.