Revive Pure White 300 gr 

The particularity of Revive Pure White is that it is a 100% recycled 300-gram paper. It is a high quality, highly durable and valuable glossy paper made from recycled fibres and FSC certified. One more reason to prefer it to other types of cards.

Constellation Snow White Canvas 280 grams 

Constellation Snow has its own peculiarities, which makes it quite unique compared to other papers in the range: natural paper, embossed, and equipped with a particular shade of white which makes it very pleasing to the eye as well. than when touched (the orange peel effect).

The weight is 280 grams, still very high and, therefore, synonymous with durability and quality.

Taking advantage of the online printing websites, you can receive special business card with special papers at very competitive prices, received within days, depending on when you order. It should also be noted that the delivery of the product is often included in the price.

In addition, there are several websites that offer you the possibility to download the graphic instructions illustrating the steps and actions that must be followed once you go to prepare the graphic file.