When deciding between these three materials, the three most important differentiating factors to consider are:  

  • Use both outside and inside  
  • Longevity 
  • The cost  

General Contrast:  

PVC is the best solution in terms of reliability and density.  

The foam board is the least expensive of the three options. As a result, gator board and PVC are introduced later.  

PVC is the material of choice for long-term outdoor use. Gatorboard and foam board can also be used for shorter usages and in fair weather conditions.  

Let us now look at what each of the materials represents in and of themselves:  

PVC – foamed polyvinyl chloride, the second most commonly used material after polyethylene. Foam board – polystyrene foam core sandwiched between two clay-coated paper PVC – foamed polyvinyl chloride, the second most commonly used plastic after polyethylene.  

A Gator board is a polystyrene board that has been painted with poly-coated paper and has styrene surfaces. We will apply to each of the materials now that you know so much about them.  

Foam Board 

The lightest of all three materials used in foam board printing. This is ideal if you need a one-time use, low-cost tag. Despite its low cost, foam board looks no worse than gator board or PVC. It can provide a high-quality finish while printing signs or images.  

Since the foam is not as strong as, say, aluminium, we do not advocate placing grommets or drilling holes in them.